25 cool stuff you should know

25 cool stuff you should know. 
You guys really don’t need to be reminded about what time it is. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and nothing beats spreading joy and Christmas cheer.

That said, what better way is there to show love this special Christmas than spreading the gift of laughter.

I could just go on to give you 25 funny pics to put a smile on your faces but in typical Neverstoplearnin  fashion, I can’t miss this opportunity to help you guys learn something extra.

So, for each fact you read, you get a pic that’s guaranteed to make you feel better, or at least happier.
So without further ado, let’s jump into it.

25 cool stuff you should know.

1. Here’s a cool stuff you should know about sport. Golf is the first and only sport to be played on the moon. It was done by Alan Shepherd in 1971.

2. Did you know sea otters hold hands while sleeping to prevent themselves from drifting apart?

Cool stuff you should know
3. Did you know your stomach houses acid strong enough to melt metal?

4. Here’s a cool stuff you should know: A single sneeze moves as fast as 100 miles per hour and expels over a hundred thousand germs.How much germs are expelled in a sneeze

5. Did you know that just as bats make use of echoes to see and move, humans are capable of echolocation?

6. Here’s a cool stuff you should know: New born babies can’t drown? Their windpipes close when submerged, a reflex that disappears after 6 months.

7. You probably haven’t heard of Jerry West but he’s the silhouette on the NBA logo. He was a Los Angeles Laker (hall of fame).

8. Did you know a dog can detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water!? That’s just how good their smell is.

9. Did you know Ancient Romans whitened their teeth with urine?

10. The cocktail, ‘bloody Mary’ may be named after England’s Queen Mary for having hundreds burned at the stake.

11. Did you know wealthy Europeans used to consume remedies made with human body parts in the olden days?

12. Here’s a cool stuff you should know: The Pacific Ocean is bigger than the entire earth land mass combined.

13. Babies are born without kneecaps but have a cartilaginous structure in its place.

14. Did you know toilet seats are cleaner than the average cellphone?

15. Did you know chewing gum can’t be digested?

16. Here’s a cool stuff you should know: The oldest recorded hiccup attack was 68 years.

17. Did you know that up until 2011, beer was legally classified as a soft drink in Russia.

18. Did you know a hummingbird’s heart beats 21 times a second?

19. Did you know flamingos are pink because of how much shrimp they eat? That must be a lot.

20. Here’s a cool stuff you should know: That YKK on your zipper shows it was made by Yoshida Company Limited. One in two zippers are made by them.

21. Did you know cheese is the most shoplifted item in the world?

22. Did you know lobsters used to be so cheap that they were used as prison food?

23. Did you know that dentures were once made out of human or animal teeth?

24. Here’s a cool stuff you should know: The pressure from lying at the bottom of the ocean is equal to having 50 jumbo jets stacked ontop of you.

25. Did you know the apple you buy from the grocery store could be over a year old?

Merry Christmas in advance guys.
This is what I can do from here but please try to put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas.

We’ve all been through a lot this year so let’s make this Christmas special.

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