7 Charities to help this christmas

Charities to help this christmas :

Tis the season to be jolly once again and amidst the festivities for the most wonderful time of the year, there are those among us who can’t enjoy such luxury.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking of how you can spread love this Christmas not just to your family but to humanity as a whole and no doubt, donating to charity has definitely crossed your mind.

You may probably think about the big names in the charity business like the Red Cross or The Cancer Foundation and these, no doubt, do a lot of good but there are other lesser-known charities that make a difference in their little way.

So from a charity providing water for millions to a rat-utilizing mine detection team, here’s 7 charities to help this Christmas.

Charities To Help This Christmas

1. Cola Life

Isn’t it funny how you can find a coca cola virtually anywhere you travel?
You can thank their entensive distribution network for that and this UK-based charity made good use of this.

Cola life figured that if they could somehow make use of the coca cola distribution channel, they could provide medical support where it is most needed but hardest to get to.
So they designed special pods that would contain basic diarrhea medications and shipped them along with the beverages to areas where the absence of these cause death to children.
They are still in the pilot stage, hence the need for your support.

2. Helping Hands Monkey Helpers

When talking about charities to help this Christmas, this one should not be overlooked.
This charity is not about people helping monkeys as you probably thought but it is about training monkeys to help people with limited mobility.

They could help turn book pages, scratch itches and touch phone buttons.
They also provide companionship to their partners.
The charity takes good care of its animals and about 96 percent of its revenue goes to these programs.

3. Acumen
Another of the charities to help this Christmas is this innovative charity operating since 2001.
Acumen aims not just at providing financial support to third world countries but also makes guided investments into the companies and economic sectors it believes would best contribute to the solving of their basic problems.

They source out the sectors that would best foster growth and development in the country and direct their investments there.
They have created over 58000 jobs and spend over ¾ of their revenue on these programs.Charities you should give to this Christmas

When translated from Belgian, it means Anti-Personnel Landmines Detection Product Development.

This non profit organization trains and uses giant African Pouched Rats to sniff out landmines that may still be found active in the terrain.
As an added benefit, these rats can also sniff out tuberculosis, keeping Africans safe on both sides.

5. Yoga warriors. 
I personally recommend this as one of the charities to help this Christmas.
War is a very terrible thing and you can never be the same after it.
This charity helps war veterans deal with the after-effects of war like physical injuries, PTSD, and other war injuries through the power of yoga.

They deploy yoga teachers to war veterans to help them heal physically and spiritually and to help them find balance in their lives. I personally think the brave men and women of the army deserve it.

6. Charity water. 
Not everyone has access to clean drinking water and this has been one of the most important points for charity organizations the world over.
Charity water aims to provide accessible, clean and potable water to the millions that need it. This definitely ranks among the charities you should give to this Christmas.

7. Against Malaria Foundation.
Malaria is a real problem in some parts of the world, particularly in the African continent and this should be one of the charities to help this Christmas.

The foundation aims to raise money to help the 1 million+ people that die of malaria every year in whatever way it can (swimming, running, and now, hopefully your donations).

The charities of this world, both big and small do a great deal to help us but if you’re looking for something new this year, consider these charities to help this Christmas.

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